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PUSH project
PUSH is an international project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. Imaginate Scotland is our leading partner, and we work together with Aaben Dans Denmark, The Ark Ireland and Scenekunstbruket Norway.
PUSh is a project to push the boundaries within art for young audiences on three topics: gender, migration and (over)protection. Around each topic there is a 8 day laboratorium for international artists. Next to that the topics are presented and discussed in several festivals: Krokusfestival, Imaginate, Dublin Festival, Showbox and SWOP. Moreover, we invite artists from each country to come along and visit the festivals, network, see international shows, participate in cultural exchange.

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How was Krokus 2016? Have a look! But also: what new projects do we plan? And all info on the summer masterclass! Or even first info on the 2017-program: